LED Therapy

LED Therapy for Cosmetic Improvements

Cleared by the FDA for pain management, skin conditions and hair restoration, Celluma LED light
therapy devices use specific wavelengths of light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating
the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells for enhanced results.
LED light therapy enhances your body’s natural cellular recovery, improving healing, relieving pain, subsiding active
acne and promoting skin rejuvenation.
LED Light Therapy is available as an Add On to most treatments to speed up recovery and minimise bruising.

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LED Therapy for Muscle & Soft Tissue Injury

Many athletes are discovering the benefits of red light therapy and infrared light therapy. This non-invasive
modality can soothe aching muscles, aid recovery from sports injuries, and improve general wellness.
Light therapy involves directing specific wavelengths of light, from an LED light source, to a body part. The light
penetrates the skin to kickstart tissue recovery.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work for Pain?

Red light therapy works by increasing blood flow and stimulating cell regeneration. Essentially, these devices help
the mitochondria in muscular cells complete their respiration cycle more efficiently, which makes the muscles
suffer less fatigue.
Improving the mitochondrial respiration cycle leads to better activation and formation of the muscle stem cells
that eventually develop into healthy muscle tissue. This means that athletes who use red light therapy on their
muscles can experience long-lasting healthy muscle tissue as a result.
Red light therapy also reduces inflammation that damages cells and makes muscles sore. Light therapy has also
been shown to help grow muscles, making it not only a workout recovery asset, but also a boost to make your
workouts more effective.
We use the specific wavelength of light to tailor the treatment you require, whether its to reduce fine lines,
wrinkles and help with acne or to treat a muscle/soft tissue injury.

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