Temple Fillers

Smooth Out Foreheads & Temples

All the treatments that Dr Wass offers are a solution for ageing, the face is made in perfect facial harmony. As we age, the loss of muscle and fat pads creates hollows, light and shadow, the tell tale signs of ageing.

Often, I'm asked to correct some cheeks, or tighten a jawline, however it is also important not to overlook other signs of ageing such as the temple or forehead. These areas are giveaways to ageing and overlooked by the majority of patients.

How to make your temple look more youthful

A smooth convex forehead and filled out temples created a picture of youth from all angles. Our fillers can achieve this and give you an instant boost to your appearance.

Speak to Dr Wass regarding these procedures, they are often done in conjunction with other areas to be rejuvenated.

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What to expect

These are advanced procedures and should only be carried out by an experienced injector, who is well aware of the potential risks and understands the anatomy of these areas in order to create a safe and effective result.

The procedure involves injecting filler into the desired area, which restores volume and and smooths lines.

The effects are seen immediately and can last up to 18 months.

The treatment can take up to 60 minutes.

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Aftercare Advice for Fillers

Pain; This can occur during the procedure and you may have some tenderness for several hours to days after the procedure. In most cases, the pain eases after 72 hours however if you find the pain is not settling or is getting worse after the procedure, this is a reason to contact the clinic for an assessment.

Swelling; There is often swelling immediately and for several days after the procedure. swelling tends to settle within 72 hours and the fillers are usually well integrated within a 2 week period.

Bruising; This is one of the commonest complications of all aesthetic procedures, a needle that punctures the skin can ultimately result in a bruise. Bruising is usually evident immediately and some can develop after the procedure. This will settle within a few days or up to 1 week. Different areas are more likely to bruise than others so don’t be alarmed if this occurs.
To help prevent bruising, arnica tablets are useful to take several days before and after the procedure.

Safety net; If you feel unwell or if you notice that any pain you had during the procedure is increasing later in the day, this is an indication to contact the clinic for a review.
This is also the case should you notice any areas of skin looking pale in appearance or a dusky red colour.
At any stage, if you have a concern or feel unwell after your procedure, please
don’t hesitate to contact the clinic for advice, we would rather know if there are any issues sooner rather than later so never feel worried about “being a bother” as we would rather be bothered than not.

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